Verplicht werk ECWO 2016 / Test piece ECWO 2016

Verplicht werk / Test piece

“Cerebral Vortex” by Øyvind Moe

The orchestras will play a program of min. 45 minutes, including the test piece “Cerebral Vortex”. This composition was written by the Norwegian composer Øyvind Moe composed for Musikkforeningen Nidarholm for their participation in the 2009 World Music Contest in Kerkrade (NL). The composition is published by Norsk Noteservice.

The title is meant to describe a from of writer’s block caused not by lack of ideas, but rather a lack of ability to channel and form the «madness» swirling around inside the head of someone with a great desire to express something. In this respect, the piece can be said to be an exercise in keeping focus from the composer’s side. A limited amount of material is repeated and treated to create a development that always has a solid anchor point. This is emphasized by the return to the opening theme towards the end.

About the composer:

Øyvind Moe (1979) formed his musical background in the bands of his home town of Bergen, Norway. He studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where his teachers included Bjørn Kruse, Henrik Hellstenius, Lasse Thoresen, Asbjørn Schaathun and Olav Anton Thommesen, and he has also studied musicology and music technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), as well as software development at the Bergen University College. As a performer, he has many years of experience playing the saxophone in several of Norway’s leading amateur wind orchestras, and in his spare time, he is a passionate video gamer.